Why appoint Tony Chartres as your Financial planner?


Remain financially secure and independent

Tony Chartres understands that you want to remain financially secure and independent throughout your working life and into retirement.

Financial plans tailored to your personal needs

Tony Chartres realises that no two people have identical needs and circumstances, so every financial plan is individually tailored suit your personal needs.

Reach your financial goals

Tony Chartres is committed to helping you reach your financial goals, which have been set after consultation between you and Tony.

Your financial planner is Tony Chartres

Tony Chartres does not employ other financial planners so an appointment with Tony is just that, you will not be re-directed to some other person.

Remain financially secure and independant

Tony Chartres provides detailed written reports on all recommendation's for financial action be it investment or other action.

Regular reviews of your plan

Tony Chartres offers a regular and detailed periodic review of your plan and your achievements to date if requested.

You maintain control

Tony Chartres believes that you should at all times maintain control over your investment portfolio.

Leading online research

Tony Chartres has access to the leading online financial product and securities research available in the country.

Tony Chartres delivers

Tony Chartres delivers value for money invested on a regular basis year after year.

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